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Boy Scouts Descend on Mauricetown

October 16, 2011

On 10/16/11 the Boy Scouts from Vineland and Cape May troops descended on the Mauricetown Park to conduct fall sprucing up. The troop numbered 25 kids and 8 troop leaders. The weather was perfect for the scouts, sunny and around 70 degrees. They set their sites on the entrance of the park. They planted mums in front of the fence and installed mulch. They also pressure washed the gazebo in the center of the park.

They painted the trash cans though-out the park and cleaned out the picnic areas from bush that had over grown some of the areas. The Vineland troop also donated a new birdhouse for the west end of the park.

The troop found that 2 picnic benches had been damaged from the weather and they replaced all the wood on the bench seats and the tabletops with pressure treated wood.

This was the first time that the Cape May troop had been to the Mauricetown Park. I talked with the troop leader and he said he had been to the plant before but never knew that this park was here. He said the Mauricetown Park was a very nice place to the scouts and the neighborhood.  The troop leader from Cape May said he was very happy that the Vineland troop invited them join in on the fun and they will be back.

Submitted by

James J D’Ambrosio

EHS Coordinator US Silica Mauricetown


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