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Moving Forward Sustainably

October 13, 2011

U.S. Silica is committed to operating as a sustainable company to support prosperity for all in the future.  We define sustainability as the integration of three pillars: People, Planet and Prosperity.  At each plant, our employees work together as a team to integrate environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity—the critical elements necessary to ensure the long-term supply of quality minerals to our customers. 

Although corporate citizenship and sustainability have always been central to our culture and operations, over the last 12 months we have made it a strategic initiative throughout the company.  In 2010, we established our Sustainability Council to oversee and actively facilitate ongoing efforts.  It is sponsored by Mike Winkler, Vice President of Operations, and led by Greg Fell, Corporate Environmental Manager. Our Chief Executive Officer and President are also active participants in the Sustainability Council and serve as its executive advisors. Our 14-member Sustainability Council comprises of a diverse group of U.S Silica’s leaders.  To guide us in moving forward, the Council developed a sustainability vision for U.S. Silica:

As the leading industrial mineral company, U.S. Silica is committed to the efficient, responsible use and recovery of natural resources. Recognized as a great place to work, we produce a superior return for our shareholders and uphold the following principles:

  • Value our employees by providing a safe and healthy work environment with fair pay and benefits along with opportunities for their growth and development
  • Produce the highest-quality raw materials that contribute to the quality of life for everyone while managing our facilities with a present and future focus on environmental stewardship
  • Invest resources as a trustworthy partner to enrich our communities and the legacy we leave
  • Help our customers and other stakeholders meet their sustainability goals through innovative solutions

The Council brings together a broad range of valued perspectives.  These qualities were used in developing 2017 Bold Goals to direct the business over the next five years.  Later this year the Council will be forming 2012 one-year target objectives for sustainability and corporate responsibility.

We are very proud to introduce our first sustainability report.  The report can be viewed at  The password is US935silica$.  Throughout the report you will read stories of how sustainability connects our past with our future to ensure our success and continued growth.

For more information regarding this report or sustainability in general at U.S. Silica, please contact Greg Fell, Corporate Environmental Manager (

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