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PRESS RELEASE - U.S. Silica launches BEACH WHITE Volleyball Sands to support popular sport

June 29, 2011


U.S. Silica launches BEACH WHITE Volleyball Sands to support popular sport

FREDERICK, Md. (June 29, 2011) – Leading sand producer U.S. Silica and the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA), through a partnership, have worked cooperatively with the NCAA to developed the recently published official guidelines for Division I and Division II Women’s Sand Volleyball, the newest collegiate sport to be approved by the NCAA. With the first varsity season in women’s sand volleyball to begin in the spring of 2012, the AVCA enlisted the assistance of U.S. Silica to research optimal sand characteristics and develop guidelines for volleyball sand court construction. An emerging sport, participation in sand or beach volleyball has grown by over 25 percent in the last two years and more than 300,000 girls under the age of 18 are participating in the sand sport (according to the 2009 Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association's research).

After many user interviews, site and sand evaluations, the guidelines were created to ensure the construction of exemplary sand volleyball courts throughout the country with consistent and similar characteristics. In accordance with the NCAA rules, there are several factors schools and universities must consider when selecting the right sand for a court. Sand should be clean, round to subangular in shape, and intermediate in size. For outdoor courts, the sand should drain adequately in event of inclement weather, a general parameter being within 30 minutes. Whiter sand is suggested for outdoor play as it reduces relative heat gain.

Following the guidelines, U.S. Silica has introduced BEACH WHITETM Volleyball Sands for sand volleyball court construction. These sands are white, round to subangular, and of intermediate gradation, that have been washed and screened. They provide a playing surface that has less heat-gain potential than that of darker sands. BEACH WHITE Volleyball Sands provide sand firmness designed to offer both good jump height and landing cushion. It is recommended that the sand be slightly damp for play; however, in the event of rain, BEACH WHITE Volleyball Sands are designed to provide sufficient drainage.

U.S. Silica’s BEACH WHITE Volleyball Sands are available at 10 locations throughout the United States.

“Having the expertise, resources and interest of U.S. Silica, a major American sand provider, is agreat asset for collegiate sand volleyball,” said AVCA Executive Director Kathy DeBoer. “The company’s sand experts spent a significant amount of time researching manmade sand courts in different parts of the country to formulate a sand mix that is functional for both training and competition, affordable for institutions, and weather-proof enough to allow for many years of use under different conditions. Further, to accommodate the anticipated growth of Sand Volleyball in cooler climates, U.S. Silica is also developing indoor sand products and guidelines.”

U.S. Silica is a leading producer of high quality unground silica sand, ground and fine ground silica, calcined kaolin clay and aplite. Since 1893, U.S. Silica has developed more than 200 unique products and created a network of production plants and packaging facilities across the country, making procurement of the silica sand, ground and fine ground silica and other industrial minerals convenient and reliable.

For more information about U.S. Silica’s BEACH WHITE Volleyball Sand, please contact Michael Barnett at (800)-257-7034 x119 or email Visit for more information on NCAA sand volleyball.


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