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Silica Donates Thousands to Keep Rockwood’s Access to Library Facility Available

April 28, 2015


Rockwood doesn’t have its own library, but thanks to a sizable donation from U.S. Silica, residents still have a place to check out books and rent materials.

The city has shared Flat Rock’s library facility for several years.

Economic belt-tightening with city funds put that resource in jeopardy for residents until Silica stepped in and offered to pay Rockwood’s portion for the library use.

The sandstone mining plant stepped in last year to cover the cost and is doing so again this year.

Plant Manager Chris Coppens said the company works toward maintaining a specific presence and focus in the community.

He said its focus is directed toward three directions: people, environment and youth.

“The library really affects two of the three,” Coppens said. “It’s a great opportunity and knowing there is a need aligns with what we focus on.”

Mayor Daniel Guzzi believes the company’s support of the community has made it an exceptional business neighbor.

“We are so happy to have a partner like Silica,” Guzzi said. “Flat Rock’s fees went up this year, too. We are a community that struggles to provide the (extras) so, we are very fortunate.

Silica moved into the city in the mid-1940s.

Guzzi said the city and mining facility have been partnering on projects for at least the past 15 years or so.

“It’s great we can help,” Coppens said. “We do lots of other things, too. Today, we contribute to local sports programs and scholarships.”

In fact, Silica offers scholarships to graduating seniors at five high schools -- Gibraltar Carlson, Airport, Huron, Flat Rock and (Monroe) Jefferson.

Guzzi said Rockwood residents appreciate having the library, at 25200 Gibraltar Road, to use.

He said most residents are aware that is their primary place to utilize all library-related needs.

Many of the employees at Silica also volunteer their time to fire and rescue, youth activities, service organizations and local commissions and boards.

The Rockwood plant has made its mission to minimize its impact on the environment by following the U.S. Department of Environmental Quality’s regulations, recycling process water and creating wildlife habitats through the reclamation process.

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