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Troop 25 Completes Service Project

August 13, 2012

Location: Mapleton Depot, PA

Over 40 Scouts and their families of Boy Scout Troop 25 recently participated in a conservation project for the Mapleton Plant of US Silica Corp. On a warm Saturday morning, the volunteers planted over 1000 seedling pine trees to stabilize the soil in an area that had been surface mined in their North Quarry near Fousetown.

When sandstone is mined, the topsoil is stripped away and saved. Then the layers of rock are removed until the sandstone is exposed and removed. The land is then reclaimed by filling in the quarry and replacing the topsoil. At that point, the ground is seeded and trees are planted to stabilize the soil to prevent erosion.  The Scouts planted the trees in a grid to insure even coverage.  The Troop will be credited with approximately 120 hours of service time towards the Boy Scouts of America’s Good Turn for America program. Scoutmaster Mike Kemp said that through participating in service projects such as this, the boys learn responsibility and also to give back to the their community. The Troop also maintains a section of the Standing Stone Trail near Martin Gap.

For their Scout’s efforts, US Silica made a donation to the Troop that will directly benefit the Scout’s activities. A group from the Troop is going to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico in August and the Troop is visiting historic Philadelphia in June in addition to summer camp and a few weekend camping trips.

Please note: If additional detail or clarification is needed, please contact Mike Kemp, Scoutmaster at 814.599.6275 or



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