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U.S. Silica Exceeds Sustainability Targets in Workplace Safety, Community Investment and Environmental Protection

May 13, 2013

2012 Sustainability Report highlights company’s major accomplishments last year

(FREDERICK, MD) – U.S. Silica reported today that the company exceeded all of its 2012 Sustainability Targets including those for workplace safety, community investment and environmental protection. The company released its third annual Sustainability Report, Connected, which provides a summary of the company’s goals and accomplishments over the past year.

“By all accounts, 2012 was a tremendous year for U.S. Silica, but our growth has not come at the expense of quality and value,” said U.S. Silica Chief Executive Officer Bryan Shinn. “We made progress in those areas as well, which are reflected in our operations, our safety records and the connections we have built with local communities.”

Under the guidance of the company’s Sustainability Council, the 2017 Bold Goals and Annual Targets are focused on three distinct areas: People, Planet and Prosperity. Building off of the company’s last two reports, Connected reflects U.S. Silica’s commitment to employees, neighbors, shareholders and the natural environment. It also underscores U.S. Silica’s leadership in sustainability efforts, ranging from tree plantings and wildlife preservation initiatives to financial and in-kind support for local charities and outreach groups.

Highlights of the report include:


  • A 55% reduction in days lost to injury in 2012
  • More than $309,000 contributed to local charitable organizations and efforts
  • The launch of the Take Safety Home initiative to ensure employee safety on and off the job


  • Decreasing carbon footprint by increasing the use of rail transport
  • More than 1,300 native trees planted in and around our facilities
  • Co-founding the Wisconsin Industrial Sand Association to ensure responsible industry operations


  • Pioneering as the first public sand mining company
  • Two new facilities and nine transload locations
  • A record number of 146 new employees hired

View the entire report at

“Sustainability has been a core value of U.S. Silica’s since we opened our doors more than 100 years ago,” said U.S. Silica Vice President of Operations Mike Winkler. “Our success as a company relies on the strong ties we have to everyone and everything around us. The 2012 report reflects our efforts to make meaningful connections.”

Since the 19th century, U.S. Silica has been a leader in the silica mining industry. The company operates 15 facilities in 13 states that produce raw materials for use in domestic energy sources, including oil and natural gas, wind and solar power. The company also provides processed and engineered materials for industrial and specialty products such as glass, durable paints and building materials.

“Sustainability has great significance at U.S. Silica,” said U.S. Silica Director of Operational Excellence Holly Bellmund. “It is the reason we have succeeded as a company for the last 100 years, and it is the reason why we plan to remain a good employer and good steward in our communities long into the future.”


U.S. Silica is a leading industrial silica company in the country. The company mines and processes ground and unground silica sand for glass production and fiberglass applications; aluminum, steel and iron mold and core making; pool, residential, and municipal filtration; recreational sands; hydraulic fracturing sands for oil and gas well stimulation and ground silica for fillers in plastics, rubber, grout, mortar, paint and polishes and so much more. The company has 15 locations throughout the country and produces more than 250 unique products.

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