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US Silica Facility Achieves 1,000,000 Hours

November 12, 2010

1,000,000 hours – Nearly 11 years of day in, day out work, sixty million minutes in the heat of summer and the freezing cold of winter, around large dangerous earth moving equipment, speeding conveyor belts, red hot sand dryers, and floating dredges; unlimited opportunities to get injured and be out of work. The workers at the U.S. Silica Plant in Mauricetown have successfully worked around such hazards for over 1,000,000 hours and have done so without having a Lost Time Accident (LTA).

In a time when we have gone from the tragedy of the 28 lives lost at the Upper Big Branch mine explosion, to the triumph of the rescue of the Chilean miners, the achievement of the miners at the Mauricetown facility stands out as an example of what can be accomplished by a group of people determined to work safely together.

George Didawick, Vice President of Operations said it this way, “To me, it is pitching a perfect game, the Steelers having an undefeated season or the Mountaineers winning an NCAA Championship. To date, it is truly a rare event.” The Mauricetown facility is the first U.S. Silica mine to reach this safety milestone.

The last Lost Time Accident was on May 11, 2000, and since that date, 90 different people have worked at the Mauricetown plant and each one has then gone home at the end of every day without a LTA, ready to come back to work the next day.

C. Scott Eves, Plant Manager for the Mauricetown Plant, credits teamwork for the exceptional safety record. “It’s every person looking out for their co-workers, and making sure the jobs are done safely, each and every time. No production process or maintenance task is worth having people get hurt.”

Bob Dailey, U.S. Silica’s Corporate Manager of Occupational Health & Safety stated, “Our work environment challenges each of us every day. The men and women of our Mauricetown plant have clearly demonstrated a personal commitment to “doing the right thing at the right time because it’s the right thing to do”. Reaching this milestone, like reaching a summit, they have views that most have never witnessed. Keep climbing!!!”

John Ulizio, the President of U.S. Silica, added, “Safety is a core value at U.S. Silica, and our Mauricetown men and woman have lived this value by working safely day in and day out for more than 10 years. It requires everyone’s commitment to work so safely for so long, and I look forward to our people at Mauricetown working safely together for the next 10 years.”

The Mauricetown Plant employs 48 people and all 48 have undergone rigorous training, both initially when they were hired, and as part of the ongoing safety program. The training is overseen by James J D’Ambrosio, The Environmental, Health, & Safety Coordinator for the site, who credits mentoring and task training as two of the many key components in maintaining a safe operation.US Silica is preeminent silica sand and gravel mining and processing company based in W. VA. They employ 650 people at 14 sites located in 13 states.

For additional information about the Mauricetown facility and this amazing accomplishment, please contact C. Scott Eves at 609-381-6727.

For additional information about US Silica Company, please contact Ms. Debbie Keyser at 304-258-2500.

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