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Building Products

Get More with U.S. Silica Sand for Building Products and Construction!

Silica used in building products and construction must take into account a variety of industrial sand properties. Functional consistency for thin layers and even troweling. Color and aesthetic appeal for construction aggregate end uses. Heat conductivity for geothermal applications. That's why U.S. Silica produces a wide variety of whole grain silica and ground silica  - so you can meet all of your building product needs, every single time.

U.S. Silica offers the industry’s greatest variety in sand and ground silica grades. Our high-purity ground silica is available in more than 15 different grades, with precision-ground sizes ranging from 5 to 250 microns. We manufacture the original Ottawa silica ASTM testing sands. Available in graded C-109, standard 20/30, or AFS 50/70. We also offer custom blending for your special applications.

Our products are low in moisture, inert, and have a high SiO2 content. With a wide variety of packaging options, multiple convenient plant locations, and customized applications support, U.S. Silica is the best choice for your building product and construction needs.

Cementitious Mixes for Manufacturing and Construction

  • Over 100 standard blends of size-controlled and color-monitored silicas
  • Custom blends available
  • Consistent sizes and shapes for thin layer uses and troweling
  • Fine, medium and coarse grades available in angular, sub-angular and round grains
  • ASTM Testing Sands
  • And many more!

Geothermal Applications

  • Whole grain and ground silica
  • Ensure physical stability and heat transfer
  • All products tested for geothermal grout pumpability, suspension in geothermal grout, and grout thermal enhancement


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