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Foundry & Coated Sand and Solutions

 Proven History

For over 115 years, U.S. Silica has been providing some of the highest quality silica products to the North American foundry industry.   U.S. Silica offers solutions to help you achieve superior casting finishes in all binder systems and metals.  Silica sand for foundry production must deliver high-integrity castings, free of defects and with a superior finish. Our ISO 9001 registered laboratories ensure our products meet your expectations.

Foundry Mining and Processing Locations

U.S. Silica offers over fifty grades of round and sub-angular foundry silica sand products for foundry molding and core making applications. U.S. Silica’s mining and processing facilities are strategically located at the best available mineral re- sources for that geographical region.

Resin Coated Sands for Foundry

U.S. Silica introduced its first resin-coated foundry sand in 2012 and continues to develop innovative solutions for the most challenging applications.

The consistent gradation and grain shape of the Innoset® products deliver high permeability, optimum resin levels, and excellent surface finish customers expect.

Low Odor and Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  • All Standard InnoSet® products are available in reduced odor/VOC formulations
  • InnoSet® does not contain any irritating scent additives
  • Formulated with proprietary odor reducers with strength and release modifiers.

 Our Foundry Product Guide provides a detailed description of the most common products and each location that produces them.  This guide is your first step in working with the most widely accepted foundry products available in North America.    Foundry and Coated Sands Solutions Brochure.pdf