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Silica Sand for the Glass Industry

Glassmaking requires silica sand products that are free from contaminants, clear in color, consistent in grain size, and low in iron. U.S. Silica maintains strict quality procedures and specifications to improve the performance of your glass products - and to enable production efficiencies and cost savings that boost your bottom line.

Glass Containers

  • Eight glass silica grades (sub-angular and round grains) and two Aplite grades
  • Improved consistency through control of topsize, distribution and chemical properties

Flat Glass

  • Five glass silica grades (sub-angular and round grains) and two Aplite grades
  • High-quality optical properties from low iron sand
  • Meets requirements for the automotive, commercial and residential construction, and solar application markets

Reinforcement Fiberglass

  • Five ground silica grades that are inherently inert, white, bright, low-moisture and at least 99.5% Si0
  • Special processing techniques control particle size distribution to eliminate excessively coarse and fine particles

Insulation Fiberglass

  • Sand and Aplite with consistent size and iron oxide content
  • Allows manufacturing furnaces to run consistently, with minimal batch correction

Specialty Glass

  • Range of low-iron and mid-iron silica grades, with several silica grades Fe2O3 below 150 ppm
  • We work with customers to meet sand gradations for specialty borosilicate glass

U.S. Silica's ability to produce glass-grade products in a variety of locations enables us to supply what you need - every time you need it.


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