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What does the Code of Conductivity mean for you?

It means that doing business doesn’t have to be a hassle. We don’t just provide the highest quality proppant—we’ve streamlined our process, so that from initial request to final delivery, you can trust that you’ll get the best product in your hands, on time and on budget.

About U.S. Silica

For over 100 years, U.S. Silica has offered top quality industrial silica products and applications. Our OTTAWA WHITE®, SHALE FRAC® and NEW Coated Sand Solutions product lines set the industry standard for performance, quality and consistency in whole-grain natural quartz proppants. With a broad selection of products from an ever-growing number of mining and transload locations, we’re positioned to satisfy the market’s proppant demand and are committed to investing in resources that meet expanding customer needs.


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Flexible & Timely Delivery

Well thought-out logistics, mining and transload locations make for timely delivery and flexible freight options. Whether you prefer to ship with our railcars or yours, our coordinators manage a variety of efficient delivery methods, and are available 24/7 to ensure you get exactly what you need, right when you need it.

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One Point of Contact

Customers work with one representative, so the procurement process is always streamlined and hassle-free. You can rely on your representative and our service team for expert consultation throughout the process, helping you select and implement the best solutions for your needs—with services such as performance data, technical assistance, testing and logistic support.

Jim Lovelace

VP of Business Development
(281) 258-2174 Office
(432) 770-1777 Cell

Colter Daigle

Regional Sales Manager
Mid-Continent & Permian Basin
(214) 326-3902

Michael Smith

Sr. Regional Sales Manager
Northeast, USA
(412) 354-0950

Sammy Chandler

Regional Sales Manager
(281) 455-8402

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Better Quality Control

We strive for manufacturing excellence with an unrelenting focus on technology, safety and quality control. With innovative equipment and unparalleled industry expertise, we’ve developed a process that ensures consistent performance of our premium frac sand.

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Superior Product Performance

No matter what the application, our proppants meet or exceed ISO 13503-2 and API RP 19C specifications for particle distribution, roundness and sphericity, turbidity, acid solubility, and crush resistance—so you never have to worry about how your product will perform under pressure.

Our proppants have a history of premium performance in unconventional reservoirs, including Tight Gas, Coal Bed Methane, Shale Gas and Liquids—and we’ve expanded our whole-grain silica product line to service all flow regimes.

Raw Sand and Resin-Coated Sand Proppants

Our Northern White proppants set the industry standard for quality and consistency for whole-grain α-quartz (monocrystalline silica) proppants. Exhibiting exceptional strength, it will not degrade or dissolve during fracturing operations. And now, we’re proud to introduce our newest resin-coated proppant from Coated Sand Solutions—engineered especially for high-pressure/high-temperature and viscous regions.

Selecting the Right Proppant

Comparative Performance

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Raw Sand
paper iconU.S. Silica White
paper iconPremium Hickory
paper iconShale Frac Sand Series
paper iconSilica Flour
paper iconUS Silica 100 Mesh
paper iconSouthern Premium
Resin Coated Sand
paper iconInnoProp® Python PR
paper iconInnoProp® Python CR
paper iconInnoProp® Viper CR
paper iconInnoProp® PLT
Safety Data Sheets
paper iconInnoProp® PR/CR
paper iconInnoProp® PLT
paper iconSilica Sand or Ground Silica

U.S. Silica Flour

Our U.S. Silica Flour products are produced from high purity silica powder, precision ground from 250 to 5 micron topsize. Our ground silicas are inherently inert, bright white, with low moisture and are at least 99.5% Si02.


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Flexible & Timely Delivery
One Point of Contact
Better Quality Control
Superior Product Performance
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