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Testing and Analysis

Silica Products for Testing and Analysis

End users of testing products need more than just a desired result - they need to know that the result is valid, and not impacted by materials or processes used in the test itself. U.S. Silica’s analytical and testing silicas are of the highest quality and consistency, helping ensure that results are accurate.

Prior to shipment, each lot of the 60/100 PR grade is required to meet the performance characteristics as described in “Changes of Methods,” Journal of the A.O.A.C. Chapter 24.208 (h), p. 223, Vol.49, November 1, 1966.

ASTM Cement Testing Standards Requiring Ottawa Sands

        USAGE PER TEST  
Material Test Method Standard Silica Type Grams Pounds Comments
Standard Silica Specification C-778-03 Graded     Source: Ottawa, IL
Standard Silica Specification C-778-03 20-30     Source: Ottawa, IL
Hydraulic Cement Compressive Strength C-109 Graded 1375/2035 3.0/4.5 6 or 9: 2" Cubes
Hydraulic Cement Air Content C-185-01 20-30 1400 3.1 % Water Varies
Hydraulic Cement Specification C-91-97 (50%) Graded
(50%) 20-30
Compressive Strength, Water Retention and Air Entrapment Tests

Hydraulic and Masonry Testing

  • Three meticulously size-controlled silicas
  • Industry leader in production of high-quality silicas for calibration of equipment and mixes


  • Highly selective adsorbent, unique for its extremely white, hard-powdered synthetic magnesium-silica gel (synthetic magnesium)
  • Sample preparation
  • General column chromatography
  • Isolation of steroids, sex hormones and related compounds
  • Pesticide residue cleanup
  • Isolation of antibiotics

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