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Transloads Overview

Hydraulic Fracturing Proppants

U.S. Silica's OTTAWA WHITE™ and SHALE FRAC™ product lines set the industry standard for performance, quality and consistency in whole-grain natural quartz proppants.  We have a broad selection of offerings from an ever growing number of mining and transload locations.  U.S. Silica is well positioned to satisfy the current market demand for proppants and we are committed to investing in facilities and resources to meet the rapidly expanding needs of our customers.

US Silica Transload locations


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Our products have a history of premium performance in unconventional reservoirs, including Tight Gas, Coal Bed Methane, Shale Gas, and Liquids.  US Silica has expanded its whole-grain silica product line to service all flow regimes.  Regardless of the application, U.S. Silica provides correctly engineered proppants to ensure premium performance  "...for the life of your well..."™.

Trusted Partner

For over 100 years, we have demonstrated our ability to reliably satisfy customer requirements with innovative products, creative logistics solutions and dedicated customer service.  Our team of experienced oil field hands is ready to work with you to support your business needs.

Ground Silica

U.S. Silica has a long and successful history of supplying finely ground crystalline silica to the oil & gas market.  The physical and chemical properties associated with our ground silica products make them ideally suited for use in oil and gas zonal isolation.  The primary application in zonal isolation is a cement additive that slows the hydration of the slurry in high temperature environments (hydration retardation) and enhances long-term performance of the cement sheath or wellbore plug.  Furthermore, enhanced long-term performance of the cement is achieved when finely ground crystalline silica is admixed with certain other cement additives.  In selected hydraulic fracturing applications, fine ground silica can also be used as a fluid-loss control additive in hydraulic fracturing fluids to improve the volumetric efficiency.

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Ground Silica