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Testing Silica

"The Original Ottawa Silica," U.S. Silica's testing sands are appropriate for hydraulic and masonry testing (C-109). They are available in graded and 20-30 grades, both conforming to ASTM C-778.

ASTM Cement Testing Standards Requiring Ottawa Sands

        USAGE PER TEST  
Material Test Method Standard Silica Type Grams Pounds Comments
Standard Silica Specification C-778 Graded     Source: Ottawa, IL
Standard Silica Specification C-778 20-30     Source: Ottawa, IL
Hydraulic Cement Compressive Strength C-109 Graded 1375/2035 3.0/4.5 6 or 9: 2" Cubes
Hydraulic Cement Air Content C-185 20-30 1400 3.1 % Water Varies
Hydraulic Cement Specification C-91 (50%) Graded
(50%) 20-30
Compressive Strength, Water Retention and Air Entrapment Tests

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