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Laboratory and Technical Support

The Science Behind Our Silica

U.S. Silica established our Corporate Lab to promote product and service innovation. Our engineers provide development solutions, technical assistance and product support - to our customers and prospects, as well as to our own operations:

  • Processing, beneficiating and analyzing geological samples to determine ore quality
  • Simulating plant operations to develop process improvement strategies
  • Performing product end-use evaluations such as:
  • Foundry systems
  • Hydraulic fracturing sands
  • Paint, coatings and fillers

Analytical Chemistry Program

Our Corporate Lab’s analytical spectroscopy capabilities include XRF, ICP and GC. We use these tools to analyze the chemical constituents of silica and other minerals. The analytical chemistry program also helps ensure the accuracy of U.S. Silica plant analytical capabilities.

Contact our Corporate Lab for technical questions and solutions.