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Sales and Customer Support

Making it Easy for Our Customers

At U. S. Silica we continually strive to earn the trust and provide true value and expertise to our customers. To accomplish this, our Sales and Customer Service teams are committed to:

  • Consistently exceeding customer expectations
  • Continually improving our performance
  • Offering efficient and timely response to customer needs
  • Supplying the highest quality products at competitive prices
  • Providing customers with personal points of contact they can always rely on

Our Sales Team is here to help customers select the best and most cost-effective solutions to their sand and silica needs.

Customer Service is dedicated to ensuring that orders are handled efficiently, smoothly and on time, with no worries, regardless of customer locations or logistical constraints.

To assist our customers in the decision-making process we offer complimentary samples so you can conduct testing and evaluation, to make sure our product meets your specific requirements before you commit to purchasing.

Our standard sample size (one quart, or approximately two pounds) is shipped free of charge. For larger samples, we ask that you contact our Sales Team for further consultation.

Click here to request a complimentary sample.

Click here to contact a U. S. Silica representative for sample consultation.

Along with free samples, we also offer a full array of support services including technical assistance, testing, freight, transportation and logistics support as well as expert consultation based on over 100 years of experience in the sand and silica industry.

Contact us: (800) 345-6170
Fax: (301) 682-0691

China and Asia Pacific:
+88 21 6054 5711