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How can the Sales Team best assist me?

  • When you have questions concerning a product or application
  • When you would like consultation regarding which product would be best suited to your needs
  • When you would like to obtain the most cost-effective product based on freight and logistical variables
  • When you would like to place a new order or obtain a quote
  • When you need technical support and information
  • When you would like a larger sample for testing and evaluation (samples over 50 lbs.)

To reach our Sales Team:

Dial:  (800) 345-6170   Email:

How can a Customer Service Representative at a specific plant help me?

  • Providing the status of an existing order
  • Helping you order products from a specific plant
  • Finding out the lead time on an order
  • Tracking a shipment
  • Providing freight and logistics information about a specific plant
  • When you need any assistance regarding an order or a shipment

To reach a Customer Service Representative at a plant:

Under the tab “Locations” each plant listing includes the contact information for its CustomerService Representatives. Please call, fax or email using the link provided.

How do I find out information about a specific plant?

Under the “Locations” tab click on the plant you are interested in, and there you will find:

  • Hours of operation and directions
  • Loading times by product grades
  • Product listings
  • Freight and transportation availability
  • Packaging and bulk options
  • Contact Information