The ideal filler for the perfect finish

Finely ground, high-purity, inert silica for exterior coatings and protective industrial finishes.


When it comes to our fine ground silica products, no one grinds finer than we do.

Product Quality
blue paint
Product Quality

The purest, most consistent grades available

  • Some of the industry’s whitest grades and tightest particle distributions 
  • Specialized processes further refine particle size and color
  • Ongoing analyses and inspections help ensure reliable formulations 
  • Multiple plants ISO-certified for consistent product quality and accountability
Product Selection
Red Paint and Roller
Product Selection

Precision-ground silicas from 250 to 5 micron top size

  • Wide range of particle size distribution to match virtually any spec
  • Finest ground silicas enhance dispersion and minimize imperfections
  • Custom blends available to provide even more options
  • Grinding capabilities at multiple plants further refine grades 
  • Product availability at multiple U.S. plants ensures continuous supply
Research and Development
Sand Under a Microscope
Research and Development

Higher performance through innovation

  • Highly engineered products meet higher standards and enhance value
  • Million-dollar capital investments mean industry-leading grinding capabilities
  • Our ability to customize products allows us to meet the most exacting specs
  • Deep industry experience means we understand unique performance challenges
  • Strong reputation for offering bottom-line oriented solutions
Map of ISP Locations

Everywhere you need us

  • Strategically located plants near some of the whitest ores
  • Plants conveniently located to minimize shipping costs
  • Diversity of plant locations helps ensure reliable, uninterrupted shipments 


Wide array of ground and fine ground silicas enhance performance in multiple applications, including:

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