Purity. Consistency. Variety.

Well-controlled chemistries create desired compositions.


Tight particle size distributions provide robust physical properties.

Product Quality
Chemical Lab Worker
Product Quality

High-purity deposits with few trace elements

  • Special processing methods refine desired physical and chemical properties
  • Frequent inspections ensure consistent chemistry, purity and size distribution
  • Tighter particle size distributions result in higher operational performance
  • ISO certification at most plants assures product quality and accountability
Product Selection
Product Selection

Wide array of shapes and sizes from 20+ plants

  • Blending capabilities at multiple plants allow us to create custom solutions
  • Large selection of specialized grades, including low-iron, -calcium and -aluminum  
  • Wide variety of compatible color options, including bright white
Research and Development
Lab Computer Screen
Research and Development

Products Engineered for Higher Performance

  • Track record for developing technologies that enhance product value 
  • Innovative chemical flotation processes remove most impurities
  • Advanced grinding operations minimize coarse particles 
Map of ISP Locations

Strategic Plant Locations

  • Multiple plants in various geographic regions ensure timely shipments
  • Nearby locations result in lower shipping costs
  • Regional location variety provides broad selection of ore chemistries
  • Diversity of plant locations helps ensure reliable, uninterrupted shipments 

We offer a wide array of high-performance whole grain silicas, ground silicas and clay catalysts for a number of chemical processing applications.