Ensuring consistency and accuracy

Long history and proven performance in a wide array of testing applications.


Meticulously sized sand meets the most stringent standards for quality and reliability.

Product Quality
Product Quality

Because you can’t afford to be wrong

  • High-purity grades with few trace elements for more accurate test results
  • Consistent quality enables repeatable results
  • Ongoing inspections provide consistent purity and desired air content
  • Ability to meet ASTM standards instills confidence in test results
  • Multiple plants ISO 9001 certified to help ensure product quality and accountability
Research and Development
Female laboratory person
Research and Development

Innovation focused on higher performance

  • Extensive industry knowledge to match specific chemical requirements 
  • Proven track record in manipulating products to improve performance
  • Willingness to customize products in order to meet the most exacting specs
  • Track record of investing in new technologies to advance product innovation


Multiple grades of quality testing sands provide reliable results for applications including:

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