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Renowned for its ability to produce glass that is not only beautiful, but also highly durable, this whole grain also helps to optimize the manufacturing process.


Cellulose is the preferred filter media for processes sensitive to silica and is a versatile functional additive.


No other additive whitens and strengthens quite like cristobalite. A rare mineral commonly found in volcanic rock, cristobalite is formed at very high temperatures and then precision ground for a number of high-performance applications that require a hard, consistent surface area that won’t change shape.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

EP Minerals' high quality Celatom® DE deposits consist exclusively of freshwater diatoms with up to 98% of the Aulacoseira species. The cylindrical shape and high pore volume of these diatoms provide high mechanical strength, natural filtration and absorption capabilities. Celatom diatomite is surface-mined from our deposits located in Nevada and Oregon.

Fine Ground Silica

With silica contents above 99.5%, there’s little room for impurities in our fine ground silica. That means our products will reflect well on you.

Ground Silica

Our SIL-CO-SIL® Ground Silica products are produced from high purity silica powder, precision ground from 45 to 250 micron topsize.

Limestone & Sandstone Aggregates

We utilize our industry leading mining and production capabilities to produce consistent and reliable grades of limestone and sandstone aggregates for various applications that include road construction, building products, and more. Currently serving the eastern U.S. through our Berkeley Springs, WV plant.

Magnesium Silicate

With a nearly 75-year successful track record, magnesium silicate can be found at the top labs across the country and beyond. This extremely white, hard-powdered material is even recommended by the FDA for the removal of impurities through organic separation, also known as, chromatography.

Montmorillonite Clay

Thermally processed to produce granular products used as absorbents and carriers in a wide variety of industrial, automotive, sports turf, agricultural and functional additive applications.


Perlite's inert composition meets most purity requirements and is effective for a wide range of filtration applications.

Whole Grain Silica

U.S. Silica is an industry leader, not only with the variety of whole grain silica products we offer, but also with regard to our quality. You’ll find that our products contain fewer impurities than what can typically be found on the market in order to meet even the most exacting specs.