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Calcined Clay Infield Conditioner

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You've never seen anything like it. Meet the new patented infield conditioner designed to last longer, reduce dust and water usage, stay beautiful baseball red and provide better, safer playability – all using 50% less product than you use today. 


  • KT3, a surface technology that changes how the product interacts with water. Fields stay softer, better looking and more stable for better traction
  • Keeps your infield moist, but not muddy
  • Gives you improved playability and reduces maintenance. 
  • Reduced infield dust. Reduced water usage. Better water absorption


  • Absorbent
  • Infield Conditioner
  • Infield Performance
  • Performance Aggregate


“BallGame Changer is awesome."
- Marty Wallace, Jackson General's (Double A Affiliate of the Seattle Mariners)
“Thank you for introducing us to BallGame Changer infield conditioner and tell you that I think it is most appropriately named. We found that during the hottest part of our season that we spent less time watering our infield on a daily basis, and our water retention was vastly improved. I will also tell you that we played the last three game of the playoffs here under cloudy, cool and rainy conditions and we never missed a beat. The field was phenomenal and according to feedback from umpires and opposing coaches our playing surface was the best in the league at seasons end! Thanks again for all your help and please keep the BallGame Changer coming!!"
- Monty Sowell, Midland Texas RockHounds (Double A affiliate for the Oakland A's)
“We at East Cobb Baseball have used BallGame Changer on our fields and have had a great response. Having so many games and little time in between, the BallGame Changer allows us not to water after every game to keep the dust down. It also is quick to get the clay back to playing conditions after heavy rainfall. Every field coordinator needs to take a look at BallGame Changer because it allows the clay not to shift as much and create hills like other conditioners break down the clay quickly. Overall, BallGame Changer is the best on the market not only in price but performance."
- Gary Bohannon, East Cobb Baseball, Operations Manager
“Our field remained moist for a longer period of time, and we are using less water! The field looks great and is easy to work with"
- Cesar Carbajal, Team Leader, USC Baseball

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