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Celatom® for Pool & Spa

The #1 DE Filter Media in the World for Swimming Pools

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Our customers tell us every day – there's no substitute for Celatom® diatomaceous earth (DE) and CelaPerl® perlite when it comes to filter aids for swimming pool filters. For over 50 years, EP Minerals' Celatom DE has been the worldwide choice for swimming pool and spa filtration products. EP Minerals unique DE and Perlite have the chemical characteristics that make our products the perfect filter aid for the swimming pool and spa industry.

Celatom diatomaceous earth (DE) for swimming pools provides the ultimate in water clarification for a pool or spa that truly sparkles. DE is the most efficient dirt removing filter aid available, removing particles down to 2 microns. A properly balanced pool, using DE filter aid, gives you the clarity and quality you're looking for, reducing the use of chemicals and disinfectants.


  • Provides a sparkling pool day and night
  • Celatom DE is the #1 choice of swim pool professionals
  • Filters out particles associated with recreational water illness
  • Enhances filter productivity reducing chlorine & shock use

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