Drill-n-Dry™ EP Minerals


Highly porous amorphous silica.

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Drill-n-Dry is a highly porous amorphous silica with unique properties, making it an efficient absorbent commonly used for oil and water cleanups, spills, and other environmental remediation. It's two-to-three times more effective at waste solidification than other commercially available products, providing a cost reduction of up to 30%.

This quick-acting product is ideally suited for quick waste solidification. The unique structure of the diatomite provides greater pore space. Because of this, pound for pound it absorbs more liquid than any other product on the market today.



  • “Holds" the fluid material and does not “leach out" over time as with competitive products. Highly absorptive product that saves time & money.
  • Lower product usage. Up to 30% savings.
  • Absorbs both water & oil.
  • Works with drill cuttings, surface fluid, brine & invert.
  • Lower landfill cost because you use less product.
  • Passes toxicity characteristic leaching potential (TCLP).
  • Cuttings rapidly dry & continue to set firm over time.
  • No chemical additives.
  • All natural.
  • Easy handling.
  • Mined & manufactured in the USA.


  • Absorbent
  • Performance Aggregate
  • Solidification

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