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Enhance production for the life of your well.

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Micro Stim™ and Micro Stim Plus™ microproppants are ultrafine mesh, high-quartz silica sands used to prop open induced or secondary fractures created around the main propped fracture in unconventional formations. Because the surface area of induced fractures can be significantly larger than the main propped fracture, stimulating induced fractures may substantially increase the size of the productive network.

However, induced or secondary fractures can range from less than 50 microns to 0.2 millimeters in width where typical 100M can’t be placed. At a fraction of the size, Micro Stim™ and Micro Stim Plus™ microproppants are small enough to enter induced fractures thus increasing production through the fracture network.


  • Minimizes production loss thus helping to enhance production for the life of your well®
  • Increases hydrocarbon flow from reservoir to the well through propped secondary fractures
  • Reduces treating pressures thus assisting in a reduction in pressure dependent leakoff rates and occurrences of screen-outs
  • Micro Stim™ products keep secondary fractures open where 100M can’t
  • Micro Stim Plus™ is 10-15 times smaller in particle size compared to 100M sands

Product Data

  • Typical Physical Properties
    - Micro Stim ™ Micro Stim Plus™
    Physical State Crystalline Solid Crystalline Solid
    Appearance, color in bright light white to light tan white to light tan
    Hardness [Mohs] 7 7
    Median Particle Diameter, D50 [μm] 109 - 135 44 - 53
    Bulk Density [g/cm3] 1.38 - 1.50 0.70 - 0.80
    Particle Density [g/cm3] 2.63 - 2.65 2.63 - 2.65
  • Typical Chemical Analysis
    - Micro Stim ™ Micro Stim Plus™
    Mineral quartz quartz
    Silicon Dioxide SiO2 99.6 - 99.8 99.6 - 99.8
    Moisture [%] 0.25 0.25
    LOI, Loss on Ignition [%] 0.1 0.1
    Water Soluble Content [%] 0.25 0.25
    pH neutral neutral


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