Cellulose Fibers

Pre-co-Floc® Cellulose Fibers Filter Aids & Additives

An Environmentally Friendly Filtration Alternative

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Pre-co-Floc® filter aid is an environmentally friendly filtration alternative made from cellulose fibers. The cellulose fibers are produced from natural, organic, renewable raw materials. Cellulose produces almost no ash, is non-abrasive, and is inert to acids, alkalis, and solvents. Pre-co-Floc cellulose fibers can be used independently where silica cannot be tolerated in the system, or together with Celatom® DE or Celatom perlite filter aids. 

Pre-co-Floc additives are powdery to fibrous cellulose materials available in a variety of fiber lengths, purities and thicknesses. Pre-co-Floc is used in paint and construction chemical products, mineral or emulsion bound, such as plasters, stuccos, tile adhesives, construction adhesives, joint fillers, skim coats and emulsion paints (matte and semi-gloss).


  • Strong thickening effect/fiber reinforcement 
  • Improves processing characteristics 
  • Better slump resistance 
  • Crack inhibitor 
  • Reduces shrinkage 
  • Maintains water equilibrium and reduces uniform stress-free drying/setting


  • Bridging gaps in the filter septum and small mechanical leaks in the gaskets and leaf seats.
  • Improving the stability of the filter-aid cake to make it more resistant to pressure bumps and interruptions.
  • Creating a more uniform precoat with no cracks for more effective filtration surface area.
  • Improving cake release and reducing cleaning requirements.
  • Preventing fine particulate bleed-through.
  • Precoating easily and rapidly.
  • Reducing soluble contamination.

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