Trotter™ EP Minerals


Dust & Moisture Control for Equestrian Footing Materials

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A special granular absorbent grade of diatomaceous earth, Trotter™ offers outstanding dust and moisture control for equine arena footings and horse stalls. Blend Trotter into any footing material at the rate of 20% by volume to ensure long-lasting moisture control. It works due to the extremely porous characteristics of a naturally occurring mineral: diatomaceous earth. In this granulated form, Trotter will dramatically increase the water holding capacity of any footing material to hold dust down for extended periods of time, and it's completely safe.

This non-toxic, inert, pH neutral, form of moisture control is easy to handle and is extremely effective because it absorbs up to 140% of its weight in water. Trotter is kiln-fired for prolonged performance, endless ability to absorb and maintain optimum moisture content, and no possibility of becoming slippery.


  • Dust-Free Conditions, Indoors or Out
  • Nature's Most Absorbent Mineral
  • Effective for Years
  • Easy to Apply
  • Controls EXCESS Moisture Too!
  • Trotter is Simple to Use


  • Absorbent
  • Equine arenas and stalls
  • Performance aggregate


"I absolutely love this product! I used to have to water my sawdust every single day to keep the dust down and I couldn't find anything natural that I was comfortable using. Trotter dust eliminator is absolutely wonderful. Since I put Trotter into my indoor riding arena, I have not watered for 10 days and counting. I have some horses with heaves and they have not been able to go into the arena for 8 months. I'm happy to say they are back in to arena with no problems. I would recommend this product to anyone. It works and it's affordable."
- Katherine Liston, Riding Instructor and Arena Owner, Canby, OR

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