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US Silica 100 Mesh - Hydraulic Fracturing Sand

U.S. Silica 100 Mesh

Monocrystalline alpha-quartz mineral from the Oil Creek, Orisanky, Queen City, St. Peter, Sylvania a...

Northern White Hydraulic Fracturing Sand

U.S. Silica White®

Extremely durable proppant derived primarily from the St. Peter and Wonewoc formations.

Shale frac sand grain detail

Shale Frac Sand Series

Produced at locations close to the Permian, Eagle Ford, Midcon and Marcellus regions.

Southern Premium Grain Detail

Southern Premium

Produced from Hickory and Queen City formations for close proximity to the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford...

MicroStim Grain Detail


Micro Stim™ and Micro Stim Plus™ microproppants increase hydrocarbon flow from reservoir to the well.

Whole Grain Silica for Glass

Whole Grain Silica for Glass

Our high SiO2-puritywhole grain silicas are the products of choice by top glass manufacturers across...

Recreational Silica

Whole Grain Silica for Recreational Applications

High-performance silicas carefully processed to facilitate drainage, enhance surface firmness, limit...

ASTM Testing Sands

ASTM Sands

U.S. Silica has the distinct advantage of supplying the well-known, highly respected original Ottawa...

A close up of the FilPro® product

FilPro® Filtration Sands and Gravel

Produced from hard ore quartz sands, these heavy-duty materials stand up to the physical demands of...

Snow White Play Sand

Snow White® Play Sand

Snow White play sand is washed and extensively screened to remove larger particles, leaving sand tha...

A close up picture of Mystic White product.

Mystic White II® Premium Swimming Pool Filter Sand

Exceeds the most exacting specifications of major pool filter manufacturers to help ensure optimal p...

Swimmer in Clean Pool

Lighthouse™ Pool Filter Sand

Specially graded sand optimizes pool filtration for above and in-ground pools.

Low-Iron Glass Sands

Low-Iron Glass Sands

Our special processing techniques improve the performance of glass products and optimize manufacturi...

Optijump Volleyball

OPTIJUMP® Volleyball Sand

Specially processed to provide a firm and comfortable footing surface, resist compacting and minimiz...