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US Silica 100 Mesh - Hydraulic Fracturing Sand

U.S. Silica 100 Mesh

Monocrystalline alpha-quartz mineral from the Oil Creek, Orisanky, Queen City, St. Peter, Sylvania a...

Northern White Hydraulic Fracturing Sand

U.S. Silica White®

Extremely durable proppant derived primarily from the St. Peter and Wonewoc formations.

Shale frac sand grain detail

Shale Frac Sand Series

Produced at locations close to the Permian, Eagle Ford, Midcon and Marcellus regions.

Southern Premium Grain Detail

Southern Premium

Produced from Hickory and Queen City formations for close proximity to the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford...

MicroStim Grain Detail


Micro Stim™ and Micro Stim Plus™ microproppants increase hydrocarbon flow from reservoir to the well.

Celatom FW Grades

Celatom® FW Grades

Wide range of filtration capabilities and a wide range of particle size removal properties, with a p...

CelatomMP Grades

Celatom® MP Grades

Used in industries like agriculture, oil & gas, fracking, industrial, fertilizer, environmental reme...

Celatom Perlite

Celatom® Perlite

A hydrated, naturally-occurring volcanic rock used to filter juices, waste water, beverages and indu...

Drill-n-Dry™ EP Minerals


A highly porous amorphous silica with unique properties, making it an efficient absorbent commonly u...

Floor-Dry™ EP Minerals


The unique structure of the diatomite provides Floor-Dry brand diatomaceous earth (DE) greater pore ...

Oil Absorbent DE™ EP Minerals

Oil Absorbent DE™

Oil Absorbent DE™ is an all-purpose absorbent diatomaceous earth designed for the quick clean up of ...

Oil Absorbent™ EP Minerals

Oil Absorbent™

Oil Absorbent™ is an all-purpose absorbent designed for the quick clean up of water, oil, and grease...

Safety Absorbent™ & Safe T Sorb® EP Minerals

Safety Absorbent™ & Safe T Sorb®

Premium calcined clay all-purpose absorbents designed for the quick clean up of water, oil and grease.