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Axis® Premium Soil Amendment

Axis® Premium Soil Amendment

The all-natural solution for improving the soil structure of golf courses, landscaping, sports turfs...

Paint Buckets


Superior as a paint pigment extender and flatting agent in paints and coatings, and as an anti-block...

Swimming pool


Uniquely designed for easy handling and application with low dust, less mess and less waste.

Paper Machine


The ideal solution for pitch and stickies treatment. Reduce cost due to lower addition rates versus ...

Nice Pool

Celatom® for Pool & Spa

The ultimate in water clarification for a pool or spa that truly sparkles. The most efficient dirt r...

Celatom Pink

Celatom® FP Grades

Celatom® Filter Pink (FP) grades of diatomaceous earth (DE) are calcined and light pink. These grade...

Celatom FW Grades

Celatom® FW Grades

Wide range of filtration capabilities and a wide range of particle size removal properties, with a p...

Celatom MN Grades

Celatom® MN Grades

MN grades are used in agriculture, home & garden, automotive components, ceramic and fertilizer indu...

CelatomMP Grades

Celatom® MP Grades

Used in industries like agriculture, oil & gas, fracking, industrial, fertilizer, environmental reme...

Celatom MW Grades

Celatom® MW Grades

Used in an extremely large variety of industries including aircraft, building & construction, plasti...

Drill-n-Dry™ EP Minerals


A highly porous amorphous silica with unique properties, making it an efficient absorbent commonly u...

Floor-Dry™ EP Minerals


The unique structure of the diatomite provides Floor-Dry brand diatomaceous earth (DE) greater pore ...

Oil Absorbent DE™ EP Minerals

Oil Absorbent DE™

Oil Absorbent DE™ is an all-purpose absorbent diatomaceous earth designed for the quick clean up of ...

Trotter™ EP Minerals


A special granular absorbent grade of diatomaceous earth, Trotter™ offers outstanding dust and moist...